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Biden Administration’s Groomer-in-Chief

Assistant Secretary for Health Rachel Levine declares that transgender surgeries for minors will be normalized soon. The Biden administration’s Department…

By admin , in Politics , at March 21, 2023

Assistant Secretary for Health Rachel Levine declares that transgender surgeries for minors will be normalized soon.

The Biden administration’s Department of Health and Human Services appointed its first “transgender” person to the position of assistant secretary. Ever since, Rachel (formerly Richard) Levine has been making it his mission to push the transgender agenda, particularly when it comes to minors.

Make no mistake: It is saddening and wrong for an adult to mutilate and poison his body just because he’s convinced himself that his inner self (the soul) is actually the opposite of his outer self (the body). It is exponentially more wrong and downright evil to manipulate, indoctrinate, and mutilate children in the name of this ideology. And yet, this is what Levine has been doing since his elevation.

In Levine’s latest statement to the press, he said the following with regard to gender mutilation and gender denial:

Levine is pointing back to Joe Biden’s declaration that states fighting against sexual mutilation are “close to sinful.” Biden’s remarks show either the deep lack of his own Catholic religious understanding or his willful hunger for power.

Levine also went on to say:

This is a very interesting statement to make.

One might posit that Levine was being delusional (entirely possible given his current life choices), but perhaps he is just observing a pattern in Republican political life. It is sad to note but true that some Republican lawmakers have a habit of conceding and redrawing the lines in the culture war again and again.

Take, for example, same-sex marriage. Before 2015, most Republicans would have been against it. However, once Obergefell declared it a constitutional right, Republicans next drew the line at transgenderism. During the pandemic, the line was allowing transgender “females” in women’s sports. Now the line is, “Don’t indoctrinate the kids in radical gender ideology.”

This is not true for all Republican lawmakers. It is worth pointing out that 23 states are banning not only gender mutilation procedures and medical intervention but many are in fact protecting women’s sports from gender-confused males. Tennessee has banned any sort of sexual performance in front of children in addition to these other bans, and Florida has been on the front line exposing the medical inadequacies — and downright experimental medical abuse — of “gender affirming” (i.e. gender denial) care.

What is becoming increasingly clear to Republicans is that their constituents want and need them to not only hold the line but to fight back in a palpable way and gain back lost ground. Radical gender theory is junk science and anti-human, as well as Marxist and anti-American.

As our colleague Brian Mark Weber said in his excellent piece last week, “In the end, a nation that considers itself both civilized and virtuous and yet won’t defend its children is neither civilized nor virtuous.”

If the overturning of Roe v. Wade proved anything, it’s that consistent, clear direction on an issue can change minds and laws and ultimately save children. We cannot and should not give an inch on this insidious and evil ideology, especially where our vulnerable children are concerned. Let’s prove Levine dead wrong.


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