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Biden Sparks Outrage With Gas Prices Comment

Many took to Twitter to criticize Joe Biden after he asserted that in California $7 a gallon gas was “always”…

By admin , in News Trending , at October 20, 2022

Many took to Twitter to criticize Joe Biden after he asserted that in California $7 a gallon gas was “always” the norm.

A reporter reportedly had told President Biden that the inflation had gotten out of control and had used gas as an example of this. To this Biden began his response by saying “that’s always been the case here”. He also continued by saying that the price of gas had been steadily coming down across the county. He also added that their plans to bring down housing prices were also going to make a big change.

People on Twitter rushed to blast Biden for these claims both because of his view that gas prices had always been that high and for his attempt to steer the conversation so that he could discuss housing.
James Gallagher, the Republican minority leader in California called this “Bidenism at its finest.” He also questioned the connection between high gas prices and housing.

Lee Zeldin, a New York Republican gubernatorial candidate, also joined the criticisms saying that when Biden had taken office the price for gas in California was $3.36. This means that gas prices have more than doubled in that period.

California Republican Senate candidate Mark Meuser said that Biden was “out of touch” and had no idea what the effect of his policies had so far been in the country. He also noted that in California the price of gas was usually much lower and that whenever it would hit $5 per gallon it would be considered very high.

This is not the first time that Biden has been criticized for his responses this week. On Saturday while in conversation with a reporter at a Baskin-Robbins in Portland, Oregon, Biden was asked to talk about the effects of inflation on the U.S. dollar’s strength.

To this, he replied by saying that the U.S. economy is strong and that he would be more worried about other countries and worldwide inflation than he would be about the U.S.


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