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Government To SHUT DOWN “Secret Police” Stations!

Secret Chinese Police Stations To Be Shut Down By Government The UK government is looking into whether or not there…

By admin , in World News , at November 10, 2022

Secret Chinese Police Stations To Be Shut Down By Government

The UK government is looking into whether or not there are secret Chinese “police stations” in the UK. One minister said that illegal operations “will not be tolerated.”

Activists have warned that such CCP law enforcement branches are being used to harass and control Chinese dissidents, and other European governments are taking action against similar secret Chinese police offices that are allegedly operating in their jurisdiction.

Tom Tugendhat, the UK’s security minister, said during a Tuesday speech in parliament that he had received assurances from UK police that an investigation into three Chinese police offices that are allegedly operating out of Croydon, Hendon, and Glasgow will be conducted seriously if there is any evidence of illegal activity.

The Tory minister said in the House of Commons that he’s discussed this problem with the police and is confident they are examining claims of unlawful behavior.
In the UK, “people’s protection is of the utmost importance,” he stated. “We will not accept any attempt to repatriate any individual illegally.”

Tugendhat continued by asserting that, if passed, the government’s National Security Bill will also bolster the ability of authorities to address these problems. He detailed how the legislation would establish a foreign influence registration system requiring foreign governments to disclose their political activities in Britain.

China has absolutely no reservations about interfering in British affairs. European countries, especially Britain, are responding to reports that the Chinese Communist Party runs “police stations” abroad.

The Netherlands has committed to intervene against China’s clandestine “police stations” on its soil after learning they were used to intimidate and harass Xi regime opponents.

A Dutch foreign ministry official called the two unmarked stations “illegal.”

The foreign ministry has since ordered China to close the outposts.

Irish authorities have also ordered China to shut down a covert “police station” in Dublin.

Chinese government spokespeople say the Fuzhou Police Service Overseas Station office offers diplomatic help to citizens.

Others claim this office was used to pressure dissidents illegally.

An Irish Department of Foreign Affairs spokesman said, “The Department emphasized that all foreign states on Irish territory must comply with international law and domestic law norms.”

The Department then directed the Chinese Embassy to close the Capel Street office, after which the closure was officially announced announced.


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