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House GOP Report: The FBI Is ‘Rotted at Its Core’

House Judiciary Republicans have released a scathing report about the FBI’s corruption and its systemic favoritism of the Democrat Party….

By admin , in News Politics , at November 7, 2022

House Judiciary Republicans have released a scathing report about the FBI’s corruption and its systemic favoritism of the Democrat Party.

For many months now, we’ve been reporting on brief glimpses of whistleblower accounts about the rottenness of the FBI — about how the bureau has fallen in with the Democrats and become little more than the private investigative force for a particular political party.

On Friday, House Judiciary Committee Republicans showed us the exhaustive work they’ve been doing behind the scenes, in the form of a 50-page report with nearly 1,000 pages of oversight letters attached. As the Committee’s website states:

Through their work here, ranking member Jim Jordan and his fellow Republican committee members have laid out a “roadmap” for future investigations into the FBI and the Biden Justice Department.

This is the beauty of Congress’s constitutionally prescribed oversight, and this is the fate that awaits the Democrats when Republicans win control of the House tomorrow and the new Congress is sworn in on January 3. And rightly so. Whistleblowers quoted in the report describe the FBI under Director Christopher Wray as being “rotted at its core,” maintaining a “systemic culture of unaccountability,” and full of “rampant corruption, manipulation, and abuse.”

The first paragraph of the report’s three-page executive summary spells it out:

It’s a rotten town all right, made so by the Democrat Party that dominates it. And while Barack Obama never said as much when he talked about “fundamentally transforming the United States of America,” this is precisely the sort of thing he had in mind.

Think about it: You don’t fundamentally change that which you love. You fundamentally change that which you hate.

Much has been made of the bureau’s corruption regarding Hunter Biden, but there are plenty of other examples of malfeasance within the report. Among its key takeaways are the FBI’s artificial inflation and manipulation of domestic violent extremism statistics for political purposes; the Justice Department and FBI using counterterrorism resources to target parents resisting a far-left educational curriculum; the unprecedented Mar-a-Lago raid; the FBI’s stalking of a Republican congressman on a family vacation and seizure of his personal cell phone; the bureau’s arrests of peaceful pro-life activists while refusing to hold leftists accountable for their attacks on pro-life facilities and churches; the bureau’s purge of employees who refuse to align themselves with the leadership’s political ideology; and its collusion with Big Tech to censor the speech of American citizens.

Again, this is not about the vast majority of good and decent agents employed by the bureau. As our Mark Alexander notes: “The problem is a profoundly arrogant and lawless cadre of deep state bureaucrats within the Department of Justice and FBI, and a slice of dependable partisan minions below them, who have lost their moral compass and their willingness to abide by their oaths.”

As the report concludes: “Ensuring an effective and even-handed federal law-enforcement authority should be a noncontroversial priority. Instead, Director Wray has indicated a belief that the FBI is immune to oversight or accountability. Nothing could be further from the truth. It is time for Congress to begin the hard work of restoring integrity at the Department of Justice and Federal Bureau of Investigation.”

Where Rule of Law is concerned, January 3, 2023, can’t get here soon enough.


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