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Kamala Harris Thinks Young People Are ‘Stupid’

They did vote for Democrats in droves, and Republicans are going to have to reckon with and change that. In…

By admin , in Politics , at November 17, 2022

They did vote for Democrats in droves, and Republicans are going to have to reckon with and change that.

In a resurfaced video, Vice President Kamala Harris says that 18- to 24-year-old adults are “stupid” and “make really bad decisions.” The video then captures the audience where a young lady is seen looking visibly uncomfortable.

This video resurfaced after a federal court judge deemed that Joe Biden’s student loan forgiveness plan is unconstitutional. Biden’s bailout was intended to cancel up to $20,000 of student debt for some folks. Many were quick to point out that Democrats cynically used student loan forgiveness as bait to make Millennials and Gen Z vote for them. It worked.

As we noted recently, Gen Z helped Democrats turn the expected red wave into a ripple. Biden certainly credited Gen Z for handing Democrats victory in the 2022 midterms. It is unfortunate that Kamala Harris thinks so poorly of a younger generation, though she and the Democrat Party would not have it any other way.

To understand why Gen Z favors the Democrat Party, we must understand how it happened. The destruction of the nuclear family and poor public education have created a young generation that is dependent on the government.

It’s even worse for single women. “Unmarried women are a Democratic bonanza,” notes political analyst Conn Carroll. “Democrats clean up among single women by a whopping 37-point margin.” Exit poll data shows that 68% of unmarried women voted Democrat while 56% of married women voted Republican. The Democrat Party preys on unmarried women and continues to feed them the narrative that both marriage and two-parent households are a thing of the past. Such narratives are harmful because they keep single mothers on government assistance and create bitter unmarried women who have been left to climb the corporate latter in the name of feminism.

Then there is the failing public education system. Even before the pandemic, a large percentage of public school students were failing to read or do math at grade level. Thanks to highly politicized teachers unions, children were kept out of the classroom during the pandemic. This created massive amounts of learning loss for children across the country. Public schools have now also become a place where political activists and big education companies take to the classrooms to indoctrinate children with their ideologies. When children graduate from public schools, they often leave as confused and uneducated political activists for the Democrat Party.

It is important to understand that the Democrat Party has been working on creating uneducated voters for decades. Some may be discouraged and disillusioned after this election cycle. Some may also be angry at Gen Z. It is going to take conservatives the same amount of time or more to restore our country. Conservatives must be ready to put in the time and get comfortable with the idea that we may not reap the benefits of our work for many years to come.


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