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Megyn Kelly shut down a nasty media hit piece with these five words

Former Fox News host Megyn Kelly isn’t afraid to call it like she sees it. Now she’s in the crosshairs…

By admin , in Trending , at April 25, 2023

Former Fox News host Megyn Kelly isn’t afraid to call it like she sees it.

Now she’s in the crosshairs of the media for telling the truth about one leftist scheme.

And Megyn Kelly shut down a nasty media hit piece with these five words.

The Left is working non-stop to use every institution possible to force everyone else to accept their radical gender ideology.

Megyn Kelly is becoming increasingly outspoken about the threat the transgender movement poses to women.

Now that she’s become her own boss with her hit podcast, she isn’t pulling any punches.

The former Fox News host weighed in on the Bud Light controversy surrounding their partnership with transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney.

Bud Light gifted Mulvaney customized beer cans to celebrate his “365 days of girlhood.”

Kelly said that the company promoting a biological man “made a mockery of womanhood and girlhood.”

“This person who’s on their beer can has made a mockery of womanhood and girlhood for literally the past year and has been celebrated by far-lefties all across the country,” Kelly said on her podcast. “But to see what’s supposed to be a mainstream beer company do it was a bridge too far. That’s why they’re having the reaction they are.”

Massive backlash from conservatives and plummeting sales forced Anheuser-Busch CEO Brendan Whitworth to issue a mealy-mouthed apology to do damage control.

She told the company to keep their “pathetic, rambling, empty-air sandwich of, I can’t even call it an apology, an attempt to dissuade people from hating his company and him. It was an utter fail.”

Whitworth was dragged by other conservatives for refusing to issue a real apology after his company betrayed customers by going woke.

“Screw you and your stupid empty platitudes,” Kelly added. “I read this, I’m like, ‘Oh, your little, market-tested buzzwords on what’s supposed to stir up our patriotism.’ Too late, sir! The buzzwords we were looking for: ‘I’m sorry. We screwed up.’”

The media and corporations are constantly promoting Mulvaney in an attempt to make him into the face of the transgender movement.

Entertainment news outlet The Wrap ran a hit piece on Kelly for calling out Bud Light with an article titled, “Megyn Kelly Goes On Transphobic Tirade Over Dylan Mulvaney.”

Kelly fired back at the article on social media saying, “I am speaking the truth.”

“Call me whatever names you want,” Kelly said on social media. “I am speaking the truth. And neither I nor the millions of other women (and men) who believe in biology/reality/fairness will be dissuaded by your attempts to marginalize us with words like ‘transphobic.’”

She’s become a vocal critic of the transgender movement’s attempt to subvert biological reality by erasing the difference between men and women.

The Left can’t stand when anyone points out the truth about the charade they’re pulling.

But Megyn Kelly is free from the constraints of working for a media company and causing the Left to meltdown by speaking her mind.


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