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Mitt Romney’s PRIVATE TEXT Revealed – Now We Know

Mitt Romney Sent A Short Text To Mike Lee After He Refused To Endorse Him After Mitt Romney (R-Utah) refused…

By admin , in Politics , at November 22, 2022

Mitt Romney Sent A Short Text To Mike Lee After He Refused To Endorse Him

After Mitt Romney (R-Utah) refused to back Mike Lee (R-Utah) for reelection, he sent Lee a congratulatory message that was both quick and bland.

As a result of Lee’s victory over Never Trumper and Utah independent Senate candidate Evan McMullin, Lee will now be beginning his third term in the Senate of the United States Congress.

Romney, Utah’s junior senator, did not back Lee’s reelection effort, which contributed to the controversy surrounding the election for the Utah Senate. Romney said that he could not take a side between his two friends, Lee and McMullin; nonetheless, it is usual to endorse members of the same party, especially when they come from the same congressional delegation. Romney’s statement was inconsistent with this pattern.

The failure of Mitt Romney to back Mike Lee in the Senate race infuriated fellow Republicans. It gave McMullin’s campaign, which relied on support from Democrats and Republicans with moderate leanings, a much-needed boost.

According to a person acquainted with the situation, Romney sent a brief but generic text message after Lee’s victory offering his congratulations.

Like others in the Romney camp, Romney waited until Wednesday morning to extend his congratulations to Lee and the other Utah Republicans who won the reelection.

Rep. Chip Roy (R-Texas), in response to Mitt Romney’s tweet, tweeted, “Congratulations on your vow to raise around $10 million to pay back everyone who had to come in and make sure we got @SenMikeLee and not @EvanMcMullin.” #StandUpForAmerica.”

To show his support for Utah’s senior senator, Roy showed up to the discussion between him and McMullin in the Senate.
As the midterm elections drew near in the United States, Mitch McConnell, the Republican leader of the Senate minority in Kentucky, was acknowledged by Mitt Romney as the person most responsible for the possibility of the Republicans regaining control of the Senate.

He claimed that Mitch McConnell was “the guy most responsible for Senate GOP momentum and the likely majority.” He single-handedly generated the hundreds of millions of dollars (!) that were necessary to overcome the Democratic Party’s advantage in the swing states. “Uses a soothing voice yet carries a hefty stick,”


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