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The Insider and the Election Denier

Mainstream Republican Kevin McCarthy and hard-left Democrat Hakeem Jeffries are maneuvering for their respective parties’ senior leadership positions. “The more…

By admin , in Politics , at November 21, 2022

Mainstream Republican Kevin McCarthy and hard-left Democrat Hakeem Jeffries are maneuvering for their respective parties’ senior leadership positions.

“The more we learn about 2016 election the more ILLEGITIMATE it becomes. America deserves to know whether we have a FAKE President in the Oval Office.”

So said hard-left New York Congressman Hakeem Jeffries, who’s the odds-on favorite to replace Nancy Pelosi as leader of the Democrat caucus. Thus, the party that spent the just-concluded midterm cycle smearing one Republican after another as election deniers is poised to elect the nation’s first-ever election denier as House minority leader.

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: Democrats invariably accuse their political opponents of that which they themselves are guilty.

Predictably, NBC and the rest of the Democrat propagandists skipped right over Jeffries’s historic election denialism to instead focus on the historic color of his skin: “If Jeffries is successful, it would represent a historic passing of the torch: Pelosi made history as the first female speaker of the House, while Jeffries, the current Democratic Caucus chairman, would become the first Black leader of a congressional caucus and highest-ranking Black lawmaker on Capitol Hill. If Democrats were to retake control of the House — a real possibility with Republicans having such a narrow majority — Jeffries would be in line to be the first Black speaker in the nation’s history.”

Jeffries, near as we can tell, would also become the first minority leader to have accepted the maximum campaign contribution allowed by law from a Ponzi schemer who lives in a polyamorous semi-colony. As Fox Business reports, Sam Bankman-Fried made a contribution worth $5,800 to Jeffries in July 2021, according to Federal Election Commission data. That’s indeed a paltry sum compared to the $38 million in graft the crypto con man ladled out to the universe of Democrats and their PACs, but it was the best he could do under existing law.

No word yet as to whether Jeffries has returned that money or donated it to charity, as many of his red-handed Demo colleagues already have.

On the other side of the aisle, current Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy is positioned to become the next speaker of the House, and he’s already flexing some partisan muscles. Yesterday, he told Fox News’s Maria Bartiromo that he’ll keep the promise he made “to remove Swalwell and Schiff from the House Intelligence Committee and Omar from the House Foreign Affairs Committee.”

And why not? Swalwell was intimately involved with a Communist Chinese spy, Schiff leaked and lied with impunity during the entirety of the Russia collusion hoax, and Omar hasn’t been able to suppress her Jew hatred despite repeated admonishments.

These disqualifications will be especially fitting given that it was only last year when Nancy Pelosi and her fellow Democrats booted Georgia Republican Marjorie Taylor Greene off the Education and Budget committees for having promoted a series of conspiracy theories that she later renounced, to no avail.

Democrats just can’t seem to learn that what goes around comes around.

Politics often makes strange bedfellows, and nowhere is that more apparent than in the unlikely partnership of McCarthy, the establishment insider, and Greene, the firebrand outsider. Greene has announced her support of McCarthy’s run for the speakership, and we have a hunch this tit-for-tat move by McCarthy has something to do with it.


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