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Trans Activism (Read: Terrorism)

Secular relativists reason that if reality is what we make it to be, then those who stand in the way…

By admin , in Trending , at April 19, 2023

Secular relativists reason that if reality is what we make it to be, then those who stand in the way should be silenced or eliminated.

There has been a distinct uptick in violent behavior from “transgender” individuals and activists. Besides the constant targeting of conservative speakers on college campuses, there have been actual murders committed by these individuals.

In Nashville at the end of March, The Covenant School was invaded by a woman who identified as a man. That person chose to kill Christian staff and schoolchildren. To add to the devastation of the victims and community, the government won’t even give these families the same justice, solace, or comfort other victims receive. The act of this evil person was a hate crime that has been overlooked by the federal government because it doesn’t fit the Left’s narrative. In fact, White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre went so far as to claim it was the “transgender community” that was the real victim. This tragedy needs to be revisited because it plays into the next story.

A trans-identifying male teacher in Florida who went by “she/her” pronouns was removed from his school on April 13. On March 24, the teacher was sent to the guidance counselor’s office for having self-harming/suicidal thoughts and was even quoted to have said he “wanted to shoot some students due to them not performing to their ability.”

The teacher later walked back that statement, saying he would never harm a student. However, as a consequence of these threatening statements, the teacher — who owned firearms — had his guns confiscated by the Hernando County Sheriff’s Office after a risk protection order was granted by a judge. The teacher was then “removed from the school.” This non-specific language leaves us all wondering if this mentally struggling individual has simply been moved to another school and given a new set of potential victims, like the Loudoun County school rapist.

In Canada, a 17-year-old student was suspended from his Catholic school. What got him suspended? He proclaimed in his classroom that there are only two genders, male and female, and also organized a walkout protesting against males in the females’ bathroom. The student was berated and name-called by his classmates while his teacher allegedly encouraged the bullying students with nods and gestures. He was then suspended for the month of January. When he attempted to return in February, he was arrested. The student is suing.

In America, LGBTQ+ individuals ostensibly represent 7.2% of the population. Of that 7.2%, only 10% identify as transgender. In other words, transgender-identifying people represent less than 1% of the population, and yet there have been four mass shooters in this demographic. And the violence keeps escalating as the rhetoric they are being fed leads them to believe they are going to be exterminated. They are a loud, violent minority, but they represent the antithesis of moral values in general and Christian beliefs in particular.

The beliefs of the trans activists are a reflection of the secular relativists at large. They believe that there is no God. They believe that morality is a social construct, and because it is a construct, they feel entitled to remake their own morality according to their own whims and desires. They believe that the sexual binary is also a social construct that prevents people from being their “authentic selves” and therefore “happy.” It truly all boils down to self-worship at the expense of everyone and everything else.

The misery comes when reality finally hits, and the reality is that men can’t be women and women can’t be men. No hormone, surgery, mutilation, or expression will ever make their delusional desires real, which has led to an actual declaration of cultural war with conservatives and the religious. Their premise is wrong, but to them it makes perfect sense. They reason that if reality is what we make it to be, then those who stand in the way should be silenced or eliminated.

How does less than 1% of the population feel so huge? Some of it is because leftists target and recruit the vulnerable in society, grooming children and young adults (particularly college students) and manipulating corporations to shove our faces in their propaganda. They also probably import “activists” who protest for a living. This was a tactic used in the BLM riots as well.

It’s important to note that not every trans-identifying person is part of this violent minority. The LGBTQ+ group at large has a growing number of members who believe that children should be left alone, that women should have their own bathrooms, and that they would like to live their lives in peace with their neighbors. The radicals have gone too far, and there is only so much the culture is willing to tolerate.

Transgenderism as an ideology is one that encourages atrocity. It is the epitome of a bad idea, and the poisonous fruits are everywhere on display for Americans to see. It truly is a battle for the soul of our nation — a battle that needs to be won.


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