A UFC champion destroyed a woke reporter with this epic smackdown

UFC is one sport the Left hasn’t infected with protest politics.

And you’ll be grinning from ear to ear when you see this video.

That’s because a UFC champion destroyed a woke reporter with this epic smackdown.

At the pre-fight press conference, one of the left-wing Canadian reporters decided to get on his soapbox and pepper Strickland with gotcha questions about Strickland’s 2021 comment that if he had a “gay son I would think I failed as a man to create such weakness.”

Wearing a shirt that read “A woman in every kitchen and a gun in every hand” Strickland tore into the reporter.

“Oh, look!” Strickland stated, “the swamp!”

Strickland asked the reporter if he was gay to which the reporter said no but that he considered himself an “ally” of the homosexual community.

Strickland then asked the reporter if he would be bothered by having a gay son since it meant he could never have a grandchild.

The reporter said it wouldn’t to which Strickland responded he was “part of the problem.”

Strickland then lambasted the left-wing activists for supporting tyrannical Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau who seized the bank accounts of truckers who protested the government’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate.

“You elected Justin Trudeau … you’re just f*****g pathetic,” Strickland said. “The fact that you have no f*****g backbone and as he shut down your f*****g country and seized bank accounts, you ask me some f*****g stupid s**t like that? Go f*** yourself. Move the f*** on, man. F*****g coward,” Strickland declared.


The reporter wasn’t done and badgered Strickland about his tweets supporting the Bud Light boycott.


Strickland said the only thing that changed is the fact that the Left needed a new victim group and decided transgenderism was the way to go and it suddenly became the new thing.

“Here’s the thing about Bud Light,” Strickland responded. “Ten years ago, to be trans, was a mental f*****g illness.”

“Everything that is wrong with the world is because of you,” Strickland stated. “And the best thing is the world’s not buying your bulls**t.”

Woke reporters love making every sporting event a new battleground in their culture war.

Sean Strickland showed one reporter why that’s a bad idea.