Biblical Art Treasures Face Being Sold Because Of “Lack Of Diversity”

A city council in England is to consider selling off Biblical artwork because it lacks diversity. A Liberal Democrat council member, Katherine Mills, made a proposal that the artworks should be sold because they do not reflect the gender and ethnic diversity of the famous city of Oxford. The paintings Mills wants to be removed are the Rape of the Sabine Women and Salome and Head of John the Baptist.

Mills told the Oxford Mail newspaper that the paintings reflect violence and gender inequality and have no practical value to the city. She is supported by fellow Liberal Democrat Lawrence Fouweather who argued that funds from the sale of the artworks could be used to alleviate “the dire plight of some of our most deprived residents.”

Oxford is home to one of the world’s most famous and prestigious universities. Despite its perceived connection to traditional Britishness, the institution has become one of the more “woke” establishments in the UK. In 2021, students there made the extraordinary decision to remove a portrait of Queen Elizabeth II from the walls of the Magdalen College because “Patriotism and colonialism are not really separable.”

The city is also the birthplace of the new phenomenon of so-called 15-minute cities. The city council was the first to approve proposals that high-tech camera equipment be used to ensure that residents do not travel outside of approved routes without explicit permission from elected officials. The idea was met with furious protests by residents who accused the council of eliminating their freedom of movement. The policy is being sold to the public as a traffic calming measure, but officials admit that people will be punished if they drive on specified streets without a permit. In a statement, the council said, “If a vehicle passes through the filter at certain times of the day, the camera will read the number plate and (if you do not have an exemption or a residents’ permit) you will receive a fine in the post.”

Jane Doe

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