How To Improve Your Posture at Work

You may already know the fact that the more you move your body throughout the day, the better it is for your overall well-being. However, that can be quite a challenge when you work all day sitting at a desk. After all, your posture can affect your overall health, including your blood flow, mood, and the strength of your muscles and joints. While it is normal for people not to take notice of their posture, you should know that poor posture is the reason for your backache.

We understand if you think that you can’t do much to help yourself, but here’s the good news: you can be mindful of your posture and fix it while going along your usual workday. Here are a few ways you can work smarter at your desk.

Sit All the Way Back

If you are a person who experiences constant back pain due to sitting for long hours, you need to change how you’re sitting. Most adults experience back pain because they’re unaware of the right way to sit in an office chair. Make sure that you are sitting with your butt touching the back of the seat. Then, you will notice a gap between your lower back and the seat, which is the natural sway in your spine. You should use a firm cushion and place it in the hollow space to support your back.

Adjust the Height of Your Chair For Better Posture

If your work involves a lot of typing, this will do wonders for you. Your keyboard or desk should be at a height that your elbows bend at an angle of 90 degrees while you type. If you feel like this is not true for you, you can adjust your chair to the correct height. Or, it is even better if your char has adjustable armrests. Make sure you adjust them to the same height as your desk.

Position Your Screen

You must have experienced cervicogenic headaches or neck pain from working long hours sitting at a computer. The reason for such pains is that you have your screen positioned at the wrong height or level. This can cause bad posture. Such head and neck aches occur when you stare at screens that are either too high or too low. So how can you make sure to position your screen correctly? Your screen should be directly in front of your eyes, at natural eye level. When you do, your chin will stay parallel to the ground when you look at the screen.

Avoid Slouching

This may require a little practice to finally master, and at times, you may even forget to maintain proper posture. Nevertheless, it is totally possible to fix your posture once you build an awareness of how you’re standing or sitting. It is very common for people to slouch to some extent, which can be really hard on their spine. You can open your shoulders by rolling them down and back. While you do this, you will feel your upper back muscles engage. This can be hard in the beginning, but in time, it can effectively relieve all your aches.

Let Your Feet Touch the Ground For Better Posture

We believe that you can’t ensure proper posture if you don’t start from your feet. It seems impossible to fix your posture if your feet are not placed flatly against the floor. This can negatively affect the shape of your spine if you sit down to work for long periods of time. Make sure your feet are pressed on the floor, and your knees are bent at a 90-degree angle. Propping your legs on an object can tighten your hamstring muscles or cause an irritation of the sciatic nerve.